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Monark Patel

Monark Patel is a second-generation hotelier and the visionary founder of Milan Hotel Group. With a strong passion for owning and operating a diverse portfolio of hotel properties, Monark embarked on this journey after graduating from UNC-Charlotte with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.

His career began with the prestigious CIT Group’s Analyst Program, where he gained invaluable hands-on experience in effective structuring strategies for multinational companies. Building on this foundation, Monark later joined Bank of America’s Global Investment Banking Sector, where he worked closely with technology-focused government contracting companies.

In 2012, Monark made the bold decision to leave his role as a Portfolio Management Officer at Bank of America and establish Milan Hotel Group, a venture that allowed him to cultivate and expand his family’s hotel business. Today, he brings a wealth of relevant experience to the company, combining his formal education, career accomplishments, and financial acumen.

Monark approaches the hospitality industry with an investor’s perspective, diligently analyzing operational efficiency, asset valuation, acceptable ROI, and deal structures. However, what truly sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional experiences for each guest and making a positive impact in the communities Milan Hotel Group serves.

Through his leadership, Monark Patel is redefining the standards of excellence in the hospitality industry, one hotel at a time.

Christopher Gaspar
Director of Revenue Management

For nearly two decades, Chris has been immersed in the thriving hospitality market of Asheville, North Carolina. He is a strategic business professional, delivering years of management experience across multiple brands.

A transplant from New England, Chris brings a wealth of hotel operations knowledge to Milan Hotel Group. As our Revenue Manager, Chris oversees inventory control and pricing strategies while ensuring the healthy functionality of revenue optimization software packages. He is responsible for monitoring competition and transient demand, coordinating with brand leadership to identify trends in leisure and business travel segments.

Chris engages with company leadership to assess yearly goals, executing advanced market analysis and forecasting strategies to create a best-in-class approach to managing an award-winning portfolio. He is also responsible for developing action plans teeming with market knowledge, e-commerce and segmentation, while customizing a specific blueprint for each property.

Ravi Patel
Director of Operations

Ravi excels in multiple leadership and development roles within the Milan Hotel Group. With meticulous attention to detail and an infectious passion for people, he maintains our hotels to the highest brand standards. Collaborating with executive leaders, general managers, and brand leaders, Ravi drives the continuous development of our staff, enhances operational efficiency, and crafts strategic plans to optimize profitability. His expertise extends to process improvements, analysis, budgeting, guest services, problem-solving, and shrinkage and risk management.

In the realm of retail and hospitality management, Ravi boasts an impressive 10-year track record in upper management positions. Before joining Milan Hotel Group, he served as the Director of Operations for a regional hotel hospitality company in Raleigh, contributed to corporate finance at Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, and held the position of District Manager for Petroleum Distributors, gaining invaluable experience in new development and construction.

Ravi’s academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Dual Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Administration from the esteemed University of Central Florida. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ravi finds joy in empowering young individuals, cherishing moments with family and friends, and pursuing interests such as continuous learning, physical fitness, sports, and travel.

Sharon R Gordon
Director of Accounting

Sharon possesses an impressive 35-year track record in the field of accounting, which includes a diverse range of experiences as both an employee and the esteemed President/Owner of an accounting firm in Asheville, North Carolina. Throughout her career, she has amassed an extensive knowledge base, making her a true expert in the accounting realm.

A true advocate of technological advancement, Sharon’s mastery of QuickBooks sets her apart. As a certified QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online professional, she adeptly tailors this indispensable tool to the unique requirements of diverse industries, including hospitality, retail, construction, insurance, and legal sectors. Always on the cutting edge, she remains up-to-date with the ever-changing and intricate payroll, sales, and tax rules and regulations, ensuring her clients remain compliant and ahead of the curve.

Beyond her professional commitments, Sharon embraces life’s joys wholeheartedly. She finds solace and adventure in camping and hiking, cherishes precious moments with her grandchildren, and actively participates in networking opportunities. Notably, she is a valued member of both the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International, where she serves as the esteemed Secretary/Treasurer of the Beaucatcher Chapter.