About Us

Milan Hotel Group (MHG) is a management and development company based in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. Established in 2012, MHG has grown exponentially in a relatively short time, focusing on the discovery, conceptualization, and development of prudent investment opportunities and a high-end customer experience. 

Conscientiousness, fresh perspectives, and forward-thinking are crucial to MHG’s business model. As a 21st century enterprise, we understand the importance of both societal and ecological well-being. Our diverse, handpicked team is dedicated to our guests, our communities, and our environment – exceeding regulatory standards across the board. Not only do we maintain an active role in our communities, but we also pursue wellness and sustainability initiatives that help us continually promote customer satisfaction and operational efficiency while reducing expenses and environmental impacts. 

Purposeful yet Conscientious

Our Company Culture

Milan Hotel Group aims to foster an engaging, productive, and rewarding work environment that respects and motivates its team members, allowing them to thrive and grow – both personally and professionally. Our name and overall business philosophy translate into five core principles:

M: Motivated
I: Impactful
L: Loyal
A: Ambitious
N: Noble

From our housekeepers to executives and everyone in between, we handpick those employees who embody our principles in everything they do. Following these ideals, we strive to demonstrate that successful companies are built by and for people–not profits. While we’ve been fortunate to experience rapid growth and success, MHG remains dedicated to offering an extraordinary guest experience, rewarding opportunities for team members, and a lasting positive impact on local communities.

Stronger Communities for a Sustainable Future

Community Investments & Charitable Donations

We never forget that hospitality and compassion can extend far beyond the walls of our hotels. Because Milan Hotel Group believes in the power of people, we have a genuine interest in our local communities. We actively engage in outreach and charitable partnerships that help create powerful and lasting impacts on the areas in which we operate.

MHG is proud to assist the following charitable organizations:

Investing in our Most Important Resource


This annual scholarship was established to honor Manubhai U. Patel, an inspiring self-made businessman who embodied the ideals of being both well-respected and family-oriented.

Because Patel always believed that the key to success in life was education, our scholarship program seeks to foster the growth of a promising high school senior or college undergraduate who has a parent currently working with Milan Hotel Group. We encourage students who exhibit academic potential and community involvement to take our application essay! Contact us for more details.